Why a Chicken McNugget sold for nearly $ 100,000 on eBay

Curious eBay Auction: A McDonald’s chicken nugget sold for about $ 100,000 on eBay. The reason for this is the similarity to a character from a popular online game.

The seller, known on eBay as Polizna, made a surprising find in his McDonald’s order. The BTS menu, which was sold as a promotion for the South Korean boy group Bangtan Boys, included Chicken McNuggets, among other things.

One nugget looked very different from the others, as ” IGN ” reports: It reminded him of the characters from the online game ” Among Us “. The game gained popularity last year mainly through streamers and quickly became a huge hype.

Chicken McNugget auction on eBay: fun turns into big money

The buyer made fun of the find and put the chicken nugget on eBay for 99 US cents . Only a few days later the price had skyrocketed: a total of 45 people had bid for the piece of meat and after 184 bids the chicken nugget finally went to the buyer for 99,997 dollars. The seller Polizna assured on eBay that the product would be shipped before the expiry date and that it would be frozen until then. As an addition, there is a pack of Szechuan sauce.

Such auctions are actually not uncommon. For example, Pokemon cards are currently very hyped. A YouTuber recently spent 2 million euros on Pokemon cards. Older and rare console games are also regularly auctioned off to enthusiasts for high sums.