The best free password manager: this cool feature is unique

With dozens of accounts and profiles on the Internet, it is difficult to keep track of all access data. Hardly anyone uses an individual password for each page. An open source tool like Bitwarden remembers crack-proof passwords on your behalf – thanks to a brand new feature, you no longer even need a master password. In the video above, we show you what a password manager is all about.

Secure access data are essential for the security of your accounts on the Internet. That is why you should not use a password twice or build in any personal references – but the reality is often different. The dilemma can be solved with a password manager, because the software remembers all access data in an encrypted safe.

The open source tool Bitwarden is a reliable solution, after reviewing different password managers available in the internet. The password manager is not only available as a desktop tool, but also as app for Android and iOS and has a whole army of functions.

One of them is the integrated login via Windows Hello and Touch ID as an authentication option. This means that instead of entering the master password to open the encrypted password safe, it is now also possible to unlock it using face recognition (Windows) or fingerprint (Mac OS). The prerequisite for this is the corresponding hardware, for example a Microsoft Surface device or a Mac with a Touch ID sensor.

A security audit in 2018, i.e. a test by an independent security company, determined that Bitwarden is secure. Recently there was a second security check and it only had minor complaints that were quickly fixed by the Bitwarden team. With Bitwarden you not only get a free password manager, but also excellent security.

Bitwarden: Many platforms and strong password import

Bitwarden is a very interesting open source password manager that stores your passwords in an encrypted safe (AES-256) and synchronizes them with all devices. This means that you not only have your passwords ready on your computer, but also on your smartphone or tablet. If the range of desktop and smartphone apps is not enough, the password manager can also be downloaded for Chrome and Firefox .

Getting started with free Bitwarden is very easy. After the first start, you have to log in with the free user account under Windows and on the other platforms on which you want to use the password manager.

Importing from other password managers such as 1Password, LastPass or Chrome is possible, but not via the Windows client or the smartphone app, but only via the Bitwarden web interface. We were able to import an extensive password list from KeePass into Bitwarden with astonishing ease . This is good news, because anyone who is already sitting with a different password manager with all their passwords simply has to be able to move them.

Bitwarden for Windows: Many comfort functions

Bitwarden offers a lot of convenience both on the desktop and on the smartphone. This includes the free sync of the password database across all privately used devices. The password manager also supports folders for better structuring, but has also integrated a well-made search.

You can categorize your passwords with customized folders.

You can also mark frequently used entries as favorites so that you can access them more quickly. In addition to classic logins, Bitwarden also records credit cards, identities and secure notes. A password generator helps to create secure passwords. It is a bit cumbersome that you have to explicitly click on an edit field to edit an entry.

Logins are possible with Bitwarden in the classic way by copying and pasting user names and passwords, the Windows version can handle auto logins in combination with the browser extension.