PlayStation 5: Cheap component is supposed to cause console bottlenecks

The PlayStation 5 continues to sell out everywhere. The reason for this is probably a small component that is only worth a few dollars. Still, it’s essential for the PS5.

(Image source: / jklugiewicz)

If you want to buy a PlayStation 5, you will be pretty disappointed at the moment. The big dealers do not have consoles in stock. A situation that has been going on for months. Even pre-orderers had to be patient until they could hold a PlayStation 5 in their hands. Production of the PS5 is sluggish. The reason for this couldn’t be more mundane.

Because, as Bloomberg reports , basically two important parts are missing for the production of the PlayStation 5. And these are not even particularly expensive. For Sony, they should only cost a few dollars, but are also hardly available. This involves chips for display drivers and the power management of the PlayStation 5.

Why are PS5 parts so rare?

In addition to the PlayStation 5, these chips are also required for numerous other devices. Some of them are found in smartphones, cars or kitchen appliances. The problem runs through many industries. Due to the corona pandemic, manufacturers had speculated that fewer and fewer people would buy such products. As a result, fewer chips were ordered and production was generally shut down.

As the last few months have shown, many people are looking for new consumer electronics to survive the lockdown and home office. The demand was and is enormous.

The chip manufacturers now have to process the inquiries gradually before a steady supply of parts is available again. According to Bloomberg, this may take some time. So the wait for the PlayStation 5 continues.