How to Get More Followers on Instagram 2021 Guide

Instagram is a social community. So the motto is: whoever participates wins.

(Image source: / Julius_Silver)
  • Don’t wait to be found. Comment and above all like what you like. To do this, click on the Discover button in the middle of the lower menu bar of the Instagram app. Enter any word like “WOW” here and like it wildly.
  • Anyone who sees that they receive a comment or like from a stranger becomes curious and often visits their page. With a little luck, the user in question will be your next follower.
  • It is just as important to follow other profiles. If you like a person or if you like their photos, simply become their follower. In return, users usually thank them with the same action.

Make your Instagram profile known: Use hashtags correctly

Instagram is known for its hashtags. If you put a hash sign (#) in front of a word, the corresponding image will be found in the search using this term. If you write #getasearch under your picture, anyone who enters “Chip” in the search will find the photo.

(Image source: / Julius_Silver)
  • The general rule when using hashtags is: the more, the better. However, you should be careful to only use current and meaningful hashtags and not to overdo it, as at a certain point you will be labeled as “Likegeil” by the community.
  • Keep up with current trends. Even if you are not a big fan of words like “YOLO” and “SWAG”: such in-terms are often used and searched for by others.
  • But there are also the evergreens under the hashtags. These include #instagood, #nofilter and #photooftheday, among others. Thousands of them are used every day and are therefore often searched for. If you enter a term in the search, you will see how many entries it has. This is how you can check the popularity of hashtags.
  • With apps like TagsForLikes, you can get a variety of popular hashtags. You can copy them individually or as a complete package. The app is available for both Android and iOS .
  • Do not only use popular terms, but also use a few hashtags to describe what can be seen in the picture. So that your plan to get more followers isn’t too obvious, they should be at the beginning. Descriptive hashtags can be #food, #friends, #love, or #me, for example.
  • You’ve probably also noticed that most of the hashtags are in English. This is because Instagram is used internationally.

Participate in Instagram contests

Numerous competitions take place on Instagram every day, in which the most beautiful or best photo on a specific topic is selected.

  • The competitions #pictureoftheday and #bestoftheday also run daily.
  • The most famous contest is “photo of the day”. To participate, tag one of your photos with the hashtag #photooftheday. If your photo is chosen as the picture of the day, it will be linked to your account on the profile @photooftheday. Winners get several thousand likes and new followers within just one day.
  • The user @joshjohnson is also active when it comes to competitions. Several times a week you will find new contests on his website, in which you can take part with a picture and the respective hashtag.

The right photos for Instagram

The photos you post are the figureheads for your account. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Type of photos: think carefully about the photos you upload to Instagram. It can either be collected works and snapshots from your life, or you can try your hand at a themed page. Stick to a topic and only post pictures that have something to do with cars or fashion, for example.
  • Quality: Nobody likes to look at pixelated images. Be careful to only upload pictures that look good and are original. Few users are likely to want to see the twentieth picture of your cat.
  • Filters: You don’t have to overdo it with the filters, but Instagram is known for it. That’s why you should use them. This also has the advantage that you often do not have to edit your pictures additionally.
  • Regularity: Make sure you upload pictures regularly. If you do not bring new content, followers may drop out.

How quickly will I get known on Instagram?

You don’t just need hashtags, likes and followers to get known on Instagram. What you need most is patience. If you not only follow the tips and tricks above, but also regularly upload new and particularly exciting images, you have a good chance of success. But that can take a while. So stay tuned.

More followers on Instagram: buy likes?

If you don’t want to be patient and create a more popular public image, you can simply buy followers and likes on pictures. In the end, however, the question remains whether the money invested is really worth it. Purchased followers only represent a number, but they do not increase your reach.