How to Choose the Right Coffee Table

The coffee table may not be the first piece of furniture that comes to mind when you think of the living room – the sofa or the dining table are too important . At second glance, however, it quickly becomes clear that no seating area would be complete without a coffee table. It serves as a storage area for the remote control, book or bag of chips – and, depending on the design, can be a real eye-catcher.

As a rule, a coffee table is particularly characterized by its low height. It adapts to the relaxed sitting on the sofa, which usually takes place in a slightly lower position. At the same time, the coffee table allows an unobstructed view of the room – especially of the tv. The table is positioned in front of or next to the couch or armchair and primarily serves as a shelf, sometimes also as useful storage space. In recent years, the living room table has also played an increasingly decorative role.

There are coffee tables from many manufacturers and brands and in all possible variants: Whether square or round coffee table, whether rustic country house style or trendy retro model. The choice of shapes and designs is almost endless. The material from which the tables are made can be at least as diverse. It ranges from solid wood and glass to stainless steel to marble and concrete.

But before you buy a coffee table, make sure it goes with the rest of your decor. Here you have to consider: should the table reflect the same style as the rest of the living room furniture? Or should he consciously break the existing style? You can find out what else you should consider when buying in the following purchase advice on our coffee table comparison.

Dimensions of a good coffee table

The dimensions of your coffee table should be based on two things. You have to consider what purpose the good piece should fulfill: Would you also like to eat or work at your living room table? Then you should opt for a higher model (e.g. a table with a height of 60 cm ). Should the coffee table only be used to store your remote control? Then a lower model with a height of 35-40 cm will do just fine.

On the other hand, when buying a coffee table, you should keep the dimensions of your sofa in mind: will your living room be adorned with an XXL sofa set? Then a table that is too small can quickly go under and look a bit lost. Is your sofa a small two-seater or a pull-out sofa bed? Then a large solid wood table would be a bit out of place.


Most coffee tables are made of glass, wood, or metal. Different materials are often combined with one another: a table with a glass top often has legs made of wood, metal or plastic. Which category you ultimately choose is primarily a question of personal taste. Just make sure that the table has a high-quality workmanship and is hard-wearing – after all, it should stay with you for a while.

Coffee table in white
Considered as the “all-rounder” among coffee tables. Fits almost to every sofa and always looks fresh and modern. Thanks to its neutral color, it can be combined with both bright and soft colors.
Glass coffee table
A classic in the living room is. Almost invisible thanks to the transparent material and looks light. Is particularly suitable for smaller, tighter rooms.
Wooden coffee table
Oak, walnut and teak are particularly popular and light wood varieties are welcome and can make the room look refreshing. Some sorts are particularly robust and easy to care for, so they are ideal for families with children.
Metal coffee table
Often looks fragile. Particularly good as a small and inconspicuous side table (especially in combination with a glass top) can be in the summer also great on the terrace or in the garden use