Google is now deleting accounts! What you need to know and who is affected

Google is now active and deleting user accounts. Not all of them, of course, but only those that are rarely used. Who has to act now.

Beginning from June 1, 2021, there will be some new features on Google. If users have not used Gmail, Google Photos or Google Drive accounts for more than two years, Google can now delete them. However, affected users should be informed of this three months in advance by email.

In the new user conditions, two options are named as to how users can proceed: Either the account is then used again to prevent deletion, or there is the option of backing up the data beforehand.

Google doesn’t just delete accounts

The storage capacity of Google services will also change at the beginning of June. So far, the users of Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail have had the opportunity to upload any amount of data. From June there is only a guarantee of 15 GB of free storage capacity. If you upload more, you have to buy storage space, otherwise you may no longer be able to send emails. However, it should still be possible to log into his Google account.

The good thing: According to Google, the changes only apply to files created or edited after June 1, 2021.

New terms of use on YouTube from June

In addition to the legal requirements, YouTube itself is making further changes: On the one hand, the group reserves the right to monetization from June 1. This means that YouTube can now advertise on all channels – and not just on those that are part of the YouTube partner program.

In addition, the amended version officially sets out the restricted face recognition that was previously regulated. Here, too, you accept the new terms of use by using the platform.