FIFA and Co .: That’s how much money EA Sports earns with the “Ultimate Team” mode

With FIFA, Madden, NBA and Co. EA Sports has been generating a lot of money for years with the so-called “Ultimate Team” modes. In the past few years, sales have increased enormously – in the past six years alone, income has tripled. Here you can find out how much money the Canadian company is really making with the modes.

It’s no longer a secret that the “Ultimate Team” mode in EA Sports’ games is a huge source of income for the Canadian publisher. The mode has been found in the NHL, Madden and FIFA game series for many years. Among other things, the aim here is to draw the best players possible for your ice hockey, American football or soccer team from so-called “packs” that you can get with either time or money.

Even if a lot of criticism of this business model has rained down on EA recently and they have already been sentenced to fines for violating the Gambling Act , this does not seem to affect sales – on the contrary.

FIFA, Madden and Co .: That’s how much EA makes money with the “Ultimate Team” modes

As the industry analyst Daniel Ahmad announced on Twitter, Ultimate Team’s sales figures are steadily increasing. While in 2015 it was still $ 587 million, sales rose to $ 1.49 billion last year. This year, sales are even expected to reach 1.62 billion US dollars. The numbers come from EA’s current annual report.

The free-2-play game Fortnite from Epic Games has even more impressive numbers in comparison, as was evident from a presentation by Epic last year. Turnover was 5.4 billion US dollars in 2018 and 3.7 billion US dollars in 2019.