Does the Netflix hit reveal its biggest secret through a laptop?

Film mistakes are always a topic among fans, mostly they are seen by resourceful viewers, as is now the case with Netflix. The only question that remains is whether the logic… Read more

“Vikings” star Alexander Ludwig with next role – the steep career of the Bjorn actor

In “Vikings” he just died the tragic serial death, now Alexander Ludwig can be seen at the side of JK Simmons. For the Canadian, things are only going uphill at the… Read more

The Lord of the Rings: The Story of Rohan – Another film in the making

“The horn of Helm Hammerhands should resound in the gorge – for the very last time” – these words were spoken by King Théoden in “The Lord of the Rings… Read more

Vikings: Valhalla: battles guaranteed – Netflix shows first recordings

“Vikings” only ended in December, but Netflix has already presented the first recordings of the offshoot “Vikings: Valhalla” to fans. Walhalla is casting its shadow: The series “Vikings” on Amazon… Read more

“Game of Thrones”: Even two years after the end, there are still questions

The HBO series “Game of Thrones” is rightly one of the most successful productions of all time. But sometimes the makers didn’t seem to know what to do next and decided… Read more

Two reasons why “Lost” is even more fun today than it was then

Unfortunately, many series and films do not age particularly well. They are too closely linked to their time or simply don’t seem as strong as they did then. With one series, however,… Read more


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