Buying PS5: How Sony finally wants to provide more supplies

Sony promises improvement with the PlayStation 5. The manufacturer has announced that it will also set up its own sales network in Europe in order to sell the console itself. According to the latest information from Sony, the new service will be launched this year. Is that the salvation for PS5 fans?

Sony is preparing to set up its own online store for the PlayStation 5. After that has already happened in the USA, the store will now also find its way to Europe, as VGC reports . Accordingly, the company wants to open the online store by the end of the financial year. So far there is no specific date.

There is now good news for customers in this regard: As part of an investor presentation, Sony announced a rough schedule for the launch of “PlayStation Direct” in Europe. As a result, the new shop is scheduled to open this year in Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

If you want to get hold of one of the coveted consoles now, you should keep an eye on some of the relevant online shops.

PlayStation 5: Is the PS store a better source?

Gaming fans who are still looking for a PlayStation 5 could finally get a real chance through the store. However, that depends on two factors. First, Sony must protect the store against the practices of scalpers. In other words, those who buy up PlayStation 5 consoles with bot programs and then resell them for exorbitant prices. Only if the store allows one console per customer, for example, could the scalpers be slowed down a little.

In addition, the improvement in the PS5 situation will depend heavily on how many consoles are actually available. When the store opens, many gamers will be standing in line hoping for a PS5. If the quota is then immediately sold out again, Sony will only reap even more trouble.