Alternative to VLC Player: Media Player Classic now with equal strength

After it was hired by the developer in 2017, the “Media Player Classic” experienced a revival – thanks to its large fan base. There are now regular updates for the open source tool. Due to the large range of functions, the video player can definitely compete with the VLC player.

The most popular choice for those for whom the included Windows tools are not enough is the VLC Player. But the Media Player Classic is a really excellent alternative to the crowd’s favorite . The successful project was actually crushed in 2017 – but the fans were so enthusiastic about the software that they quickly refined the open source player themselves. There are now different versions of it. In addition to the Black Edition , the Media Player Classic – Home Cinema in particular is being actively developed and receives updates at regular intervals.

With the update to newest version at there are some practical innovations. So basic support for embedded WebVTT subtitles was added. In addition, after a pause of more than ten minutes, the video player can now search for the last “pause” in a video before continuing. This will reinitialize the video decoder to prevent any crashes.

There were also some bug fixes again. Among other things, subtitle regression has been fixed. These resulted in subtitles being skipped in certain scenes that featured multiple lines.

Media Player Classic: One of the best VLC alternatives

The original version Media Player Classic has not received any updates since 2017, but since it was an open source project, passionate developers have found themselves to further develop various branches of it. Regardless of whether it is the original project or the continuation since 2017 , the program is still very popular.

And with good reason too: The media player offers a large variety of supported codecs. This enables you to play various media such as DVDs or digital films without having to install the codec manually. So you get everything you need with it. Another very practical feature is that you can also remotely control the program via another device that is in the same network via the web interface. Overall, the player is a slimmer and faster alternative to the pre-installed media player in Windows 10 and also offers practical extras.